Questions to ask at the first midwife appointment
First Trimester

Questions to ask at the first midwife appointment

The time has come for that very first midwife appointment. Ooh… exciting. You might want to ask a few questions and here are some to think about over the coming appointments.

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Ask about any risk of conditions or complications.
443 443
Ask about any upcoming screenings.
404 404
Ask about pregnancy diet. What to eat and what to avoid.
414 414
Ask about pregnancy exercises and how much, is too much.
398 398
Ask about sex during pregnancy.
327 327
Ask about travelling during pregnancy.
324 324
Ask about beauty products. There may be things to avoid.
310 310
Ask about sun safety during pregnancy.
243 243
Ask about medications while pregnant. There could be a few no-no’s.
358 358
Ask about the best antenatal vitamins.
349 349
Ask about antenatal classes. When do they start? Where?
457 457
Ask about pregnancy weight gain, what to expect on the scales and when.
330 330
Ask about sleeping positions.
434 434
Ask about common pregnancy symptoms and which ones call for medical attention.
340 340
Ask about the birthing plan and when to start it.
462 462
Ask about delivery options. What’s on the table? Or the birthing ball, even…
364 364
Ask about pelvic floor exercises. Easy squeezy.
374 374
Ask about a mat B1 form later in pregnancy, for when you go on maternity leave.
433 433

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