What to pack for a planned C-section
Third Trimester

What to pack for a planned C-section

If you have a planned c-section, also known as an elective c-section, you know more or less what will happen and when. You also know you’ll be in hospital for 3-5 days. Here’s a list of what to pack for a planned c-section to make yourself feel at home and comfy.

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Dressing gown or long cardi you can throw on for visits to the hospital café.
296 296
Comfy, loose, front-opening tops or nighties. Easier for breastfeeding or skin-to-skin contact.
300 300
High waisted knickers that sit above your wound. Six pairs to be safe. Dark colours are best.
320 320
Jogging bottoms with a wide soft waist band that won’t rub or irritate your scar.
295 295
Slippers, sliders, flip flops or whatever’s easiest to get on and off for loo runs.
299 299
Soft, warm socks, especially in winter.
268 268
Maternity sanitary pads – yep even with a c-section you will get vaginal bleeding afterwards.
304 304
A couple of nursing bras and a bunch of breast pads.
276 276
Nipple cream. Nipple salve. Nipple balm. All nipple saviours.
262 262
Toiletries. Keep it basic but feelgood. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Hair ties, travel-sized roll-on deodorant, shampoo and shower gel. A couple of flannels. Moisturiser and lip balm.
312 312
Make-up, if you’re that way inclined, for there will be selfies and video chats. Keep to your must-haves. Mini versions are handy.
234 234
Your phone for photos and chats and googling everything baby-related.
280 280
Headphones. For chatting, music, or audio books, going hands-free may be handy (and necessary).
281 281
Phone charger with an extra-long cable. Plug points aren’t always conveniently placed. A rechargeable power pack might be your best bet.
294 294
Decaf or herbal teabags and healthy snacks.
208 208
Teeny tiny newborn sleep suits, six or so. Ideally with built-in mittens.
304 304
Scratch mittens if they’re not attached to the sleepsuits.
256 256
Body suits sleeveless or short sleeved. Pack a few in case of nappy leaks.
296 296
Muslin squares – you won’t know how you lived without these. They have a million uses.
308 308
A soft, breathable baby blanket.
298 298
Nappies. Around 20 should do.
315 315
Cotton wool. Much gentler for cleaning baby-soft bums.
272 272
Going home clothes for baby. Layers are great. Don’t forget a soft hat.
304 304
Car seat – legally required if you’re going home in a car.
291 291
Sterile bottles, teats and formula if you’re bottle-feeding.
264 264

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