Bottle-feeding tips
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Bottle-feeding tips

Bottle-feeding looks straight-forward, right? Well, there’s a fair bit to swallow so here’s a list of bottle-feeding tips.

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Try different bottle-feeding positions like holding the bottle at an angle to help reduce wind.
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Consider using expressed breast milk first for a familiar taste.
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If you’re switching from breast to bottle try sharing the first bottle feeds between mum and dad. That way dad gets plenty of baby bonding time, baby learns to feed with someone else, and mum gets a rest.
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Try different bottle-feeding teats until you find the one that works best.
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Look out for your baby’s ‘I’m hungry’ and ‘I’m full’ cues. You’ll soon get to know them.
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For hygiene reasons discard any unfinished feed in a bottle as soon as possible and always within one hour.
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Whether you’re expressing milk or using formula, always sterilise bottles and teats according to manufacturer’s instructions.
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If you’re considering formula feeds, discuss which one would be appropriate for your baby’s needs with your health visitor first.
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If you use formula, always follow the manufacturer’s preparation and storage instructions.
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