Action plan for postnatal recovery from a C-section
Third Trimester

Action plan for postnatal recovery from a C-section

As with any surgery, recovering from a C-section takes time and self-care. Here are some things to have in mind or prepared for your return home.

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Enlist the help of friends and family for at least the first couple of weeks of your recovery.
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You’ll need to gently clean your C-section incision daily but your midwife will advise you on this.
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If your wound is sore speak to your midwife or GP. They will check the wound and may recommend ibuprofen or paracetamol.
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Loose, comfortable clothing that won’t irritate your wound and underwear that covers your wound (rather than sits on it).
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Stock up your fridge and food cupboards before your return.
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Consider preparing and freezing a few meals. Soups are a good option as they usually contain a portion of vegetables.
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Eat plenty of fruit and veg and drink lots of water to help reduce constipation.
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Put yours and baby’s everyday essentials (food, clothes, toiletries, crockery) within easy reach so you won’t need to stretch up or bend low.
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You won’t be able to drive for up to six weeks so if you need to get around ask friends and family for lifts. When you’re able to drive again, speak to your insurance company.
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Consider a V-shaped or breastfeeding pillow to make feeding your baby more comfortable
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Try not to do anything strenuous until your C-section six-week post-natal check-up.
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Ask your GP if it is best to cover the C-section scar or leave it to air.
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Avoid carrying anything heavier than your baby.
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Try to stay active as this helps avoid constipation and speeds C-section recovery time.
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