Planning a baby shower
Third Trimester

Planning a baby shower

A new arrival is definitely an excuse for a party. Planning a baby shower takes time, but it will be worth it. You can always get your bestie to do lots of these.

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Think about where to have a baby shower. A cosy gathering at home? Or a hall or a restaurant?
186 186
What’s your budget? Need to save some money for when baby gets here.
162 162
Consider who you’re inviting. A traditional all-female group? Or a general mixture of friends and family?
176 176
Why not create an online wish list? In case people ask what you would like for baby.
155 155
Send out your invitations with a clear RSVP deadline and a clear date, time and address. If there’s a theme or a wish list, include them too.
163 163
Confirm the guest numbers with your venue.
151 151
Maybe your best friends could help arrange it. You’ve lots of other things to think about.
151 151
Think of a theme: whether it’s outrageous or sophisticated - themes are fun.
155 155
Consider whether the sex of the baby is relevant to the theme.
140 140
Balloons, decorations, paper plates, plastic knives and forks. Buy what you need to suit your theme.
170 170
Buy a cake or cupcakes.
171 171
Buy baby shower favours and game prizes.
173 173
Consider getting a photographer or ask someone to take lots of photos.
146 146
Try to pick a day that’s not too close to the baby’s due date. Confetti probably isn’t in the birth plan
143 143
Choose a fun mix of baby-themed party games.
160 160
Set up the baby shower decorations in good time.
158 158
Choose an area for gifts to be placed.
155 155
Consider a spa day if games and cake aren’t your thing.
129 129

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