Taking baby out for the first time
0 - 3 Months

Taking baby out for the first time

Taking baby out for the first time is a big one. This checklist should help make it easy for all your baby friendly days out. Whether it’s a walk in the park, or somewhere else entirely.

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Packing a baby bag for changes and feeds is essential.
173 173
Bring your buggy if the destination is step-free.
154 154
Bring a sling or carrier if you prefer skin-to-skin or in case of hills or stairs.
145 145
Pack some muslins for after feeding.
162 162
Pack a change of outfit for baby in case of accidents.
164 164
Pack a change of top for you just in case. Nobody wants to walk around with baby sick on their shoulder.
161 161
Pack a modesty cover, if you want, while getting the hang of breastfeeding out and about.
143 143
Pack some hand sanitiser or wet wipes for yourself.
162 162
Wear comfortable clothes with easy access if you’re breastfeeding.
148 148
Pack a water bottle for yourself. Mamma’s gotta stay hydrated.
158 158
Pack quite a few nappies and wipes or cotton wool, for nappy changes.
163 163
Dress baby in weather-appropriate clothes. Layers are a good idea, in case the weather takes a turn.
156 156
Remember the rain cover for the buggy or an umbrella if you’re carrying baby.
160 160
Try to keep baby out of the sun. New skin can’t take all that UV. Sunblock and sunhats are all good, but shade is most important. A buggy parasol might be a good idea.
152 152
Try to pre-portion any formula for feeds. Or take some ready-to-feed formula.
155 155
Pack sterile bottles and teats if you’re bottle feeding. A flask of boiling water to make powdered feeds is a good idea too.
154 154
Pack a couple of dummies if your baby already uses them.
149 149
Remember their blanket or swaddle.
160 160
Pack a bright pram toy for stimulation.
153 153
Try hanging rattles or toys from the sling or baby carrier on soother chains.
151 151
Leave extra time for getting all your baby gear ready before leaving the house.
155 155
Try to set off shortly after a feed so baby is happy to rest or look around.
163 163

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