Baby Massage
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Baby Massage

Baby massages are a big deal and for good reason. Keep baby calm and ease their tummy troubles with this baby tummy massage breakdown. Now you can put ‘baby masseuse’ on your CV.

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Try and choose a time when baby is relaxed. After their evening bath is good.
244 244
Buy some baby massage oil or else go for coconut oil.
228 228
Prepare all your massage equipment before baby’s bath, when hands are free.
229 229
Get a clean, soft towel on top of the baby mat.
234 234
Make sure the room is nice and warm, 24°C is ideal.
235 235
Consider dimming the lights if you’re going for those extra sleep cues.
229 229
Consider playing relaxing music or lullabies for added relaxation.
236 236
Remove any rings or bracelets.
216 216
Make sure hands are warm.
231 231
Undress baby and lay them on a soft towel on a baby mat.
225 225
Pour a generous amount of baby massage oil on your hands and warm it in palms.
222 222
Start at baby’s feet. Stretching and rubbing their toes.
248 248
Work up baby’s legs and gently rub and squeeze their muscles. Support their ankles with one hand.
246 246
Work your way to baby’s arms. Support their wrists with one hand.
242 242
Finish with a chest and belly rub. Using clockwise circular motions on their tummy.
245 245
Talk to your baby softy and tell them what you are doing.
238 238
Try to maintain eye contact as you massage baby.
236 236
Try not to rub or squeeze baby too hard.
218 218
Stop massaging if baby doesn’t enjoy it. Not all babies do.
220 220
Stop massaging if baby falls asleep
228 228

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