Coping with postnatal anxiety
0 - 3 Months

Coping with postnatal anxiety

Once postnatal it’s easy to forget about you, but a happy mum means a happy baby. Here’s some things you can do to ensure postnatal anxiety doesn’t get the best of you.

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Talk to friends and family if you think you have postnatal depression, it helps to vent.
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Talk to other new parents. They are probably going through something similar.
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Try a postnatal group to meet parents in the same boat.
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Try baby-feeding cafes.
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Try baby activity classes to meet new parent friends.
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Try apps like MUSH to meet new parent friends.
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Try apps like calm or other mediation and mindfulness apps.
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Consider talking to a professional, there are people who can help. Ask your GP or healthcare professional where to start.
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Get active. It’s surprising what a bit of exercise can do for your mood.
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Eat a healthy, varied and balanced diet.
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As well as having a balanced diet, consider a daily supplement, that contains 10mcg of Vitamin D.
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Try to make time for the normal things like showering and doing your hair. Simple things make a big difference.
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Write a mood diary. Noting how you feel each day can help you realise what makes you happy and what doesn’t.
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Be kinder to yourself. You can only try your best. Try not to expect everything to be perfect.
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Ask friends and family to help. A few less errands on your to do list can make all the difference.
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