Preparing baby's nursery
Third Trimester

Preparing baby's nursery

Preparing the baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting jobs to do before your bundle of joy arrives. Here’s a baby nursery list to help you welcome them home.

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Consider accessorising with colourful pieces and keeping the room minimal. It’s easy to change some cushions and the cot will go eventually, but the walls and flooring are a bigger undertaking.
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Think about the room itself. Is it on the quiet side of the house? Does it get a lot of sunlight? Is it draughty?
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Try Pinterest to put together a board of inspiration as well as things on your wish list.
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Make a basic collage (online or with craft supplies) with your desired items and colours and move things in and out to see what works.
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Think about putting in a dimmer switch. Bright lights don’t make sleepy babies.
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Check if you need to oil the door hinges if they are stiff and squeaky.
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Consider a drop-side cot or a cot with a plenty of levels.
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Assemble the cot inside the room, it might be too big to fit through the door.
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Consider a soft armchair or rocking chair for night feeds or to soothe baby.
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Consider buying a changing table or get a short chest of drawers with a baby-changing top.
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Buy a changing mat.
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Consider buying a nappy bin.
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Ensure any nursery furniture that could be pulled over by a curious baby is securely attached to the wall.
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Consider using wall decals. They peel off easily but make the room look fun instantly.
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Buy blackout blinds.
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Buy a baby gate for the door to the nursery or stairs nearby.
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Buy different types of blankets for all weather conditions.
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Buy a lamp or nightlight for late-night nappy changes.
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Buy a baby monitor and install it safely with wires out of baby’s reach. Camera monitors make life so much easier.
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Buy a room thermometer if your monitor doesn’t have one. Buy a fan if baby’s room gets hot.
1,239 1.23K
Buy a humidifier if the air is dry. Especially good for winter babies.
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Paint the room three months before baby is due to make sure the room is fume-free. Water based or Zero VOC paints are ideal.
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