Packing my hospital bag
Third Trimester

Packing my hospital bag

Need help packing a hospital bag? We have put together a simple hospital bag checklist with all the essentials. Forget packing light, it’s about packing right. If there was ever a time to be prepared, giving birth to a new human is it.

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Pack a dressing gown. Ideal for wandering the ward.
5,326 5.32K
Pack slippers or flip flops for trips to the loo.
5,505 5.5K
Pack nighties or open shirts that are comfy with easy access to baby.
5,322 5.32K
Pack plenty of maternity pads. There can be a lot of bleeding after birth. Vaginal or C-sections.
5,470 5.47K
Pack a few pairs of big knickers. High-waisted and cotton will be comfiest.
5,359 5.35K
Pack a couple of nursing bras and lots of breast pads.
5,171 5.17K
If you’re planning a water birth you might want to bring something to wear in the pool at first.
3,181 3.18K
Pack healthy snacks. The vending machine can be the back-up plan.
4,661 4.66K
Pack comfy going-home clothes. And a bag for dirty washing.
5,294 5.29K
Pack tiny toiletries, face wipes, lip balm, hairbands and dry shampoo.
5,229 5.22K
Bring your own pillow, a bright coloured one that won’t get lost!
3,632 3.63K
Pack eye patches and earplugs, and water spray or a pocket fan if it’s summer.
3,324 3.32K
Pack some makeup, if that’s your bag.
3,434 3.43K
Don’t forget your phone. Seems obvious. But there’s a lot going on.
4,555 4.55K
Consider music. Some hospitals still have CD players. If not, prepare a pocket playlist.
3,041 3.04K
Pack a notebook and pen. Helpful for jotting down feeding times.
3,511 3.51K
Don’t forget your maternity notes, they contain your birth plan. This is when it’ll really come in handy.
4,642 4.64K
Pack a few baby outfits, cellular blanket, nappies, cotton wool, muslins, booties, sleep suits, vests, scratch mitts, coat and hat for going home if it’s winter and formula if you’re bottle feeding.
5,149 5.14K
Pack an extra-long charger cable or a power bank.
4,533 4.53K
Have spare change handy for parking and vending machines.
3,793 3.79K
Buy a big hospital bag to put all this in!
3,800 3.8K

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